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A look at resilience

If you’ve made it to Wake Forest University, you’re resilient! You already have some awesome tools that have helped you overcome challenges and changes.

As you journey through college, there are some incredibly exciting and rewarding moments ahead as well as some challenging, disappointing, and confusing moments. College brings about many transitions, now especially, as we’re living in a world that changes by the day and even the hour sometimes.

Resilience is our ability to face those inevitable challenges and changes with grace. You might have heard people talking about resilience as “bouncing back”, “overcoming obstacles”, or “finding a silver lining” – resilience consists of a range of skills that improve as you practice.

ResilientWake Skillshare

Join us for a ResilientWake Skillshare to learn specific topics around resilience. Each skillshare is 1 hour long, and is created for groups, clubs, and organizations to complete together.


  • Resilience 101 – You’ve got this!
    • An introduction to resilience where we will learn resilience building skills in the context of living and working. To create hope and respite for ourselves, we will discuss what resilience is and is not, practice trauma-informed mind-body skills and explore intentional and game-changing perspectives.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback (3 session series)
    • Learn effective practices and techniques for both giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Routine & resilience planning
    • Why is routine important? How can you prepare to face the challenges that inevitably lie ahead this semester? Learn about how habits, practices and rituals are different from each other and can help us to take control back over our days; learn some key resilience definitions, concepts, and skills.
  • Gratitude, strengths, & values
    • Can you identify and amplify the positivity and strengths you already have?  Explore these concepts and how they relate to each other; learn your top 5 strengths; learn how regular gratitude practice can rewire your brain and receive specific tips on how to practice more daily gratitude.
  • Disrupting negative thinking traps
    • How can you identify and disrupt negative thoughts? Learn some of the most common negative thinking traps, identify your own, and learn tried and true methods to disrupt them.

Reach out to Ashley Hawkins Parham to schedule a workshop or skillshare for your group.

ResilientWake Workshop Series

The ResilientWake Workshop Series is an opportunity for students to learn how to develop and integrate resilience skills into everyday life using a cohort model.

Each virtual Workshop session (facilitated by a staff member from the Office of Wellbeing or the University Counseling Center) is 1.25 hours long and builds on the session before – you must attend and engage in all four sessions (1 time per week for 4 weeks).  At the end of each session there is a challenge for the week based on the skills practiced that day and a check-in at the beginning of each session about how that challenge went for you.

To request a workshop, email Ashley Hawkins Parham

Workshop Series

New dates for students, faculty, and staff coming soon

“Resilience is cultivated in many ways, such as learning formal skills to reduce stress & anxiety and allowing yourself to enjoy activities that help you step back and recharge.”