Our Vision

The Office of Wellbeing strives to create and sustain a community where students, staff, and faculty know their right to comprehensive wellbeing.

Our Mission

Through evidence-based, data-driven, inclusive, and restorative programs, the Office of Wellbeing promotes personal and collective wellbeing and reduces harms and barriers to health, safety, and equity.

Scope of Service

The Office of Wellbeing engages in health promotion, universal prevention, selective prevention, and indicated prevention initiatives aimed to primarily impact students and secondarily impact faculty and staff. Guided by the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges, we seek to:

  • embed health in all campus policies,
  • create supportive campus environments,
  • generate thriving communities and a culture of wellbeing,
  • support personal development,
  • and create or re-orient campus/health services.

Embracing a collective impact model, Thrive, the Office of Wellbeing collaborates with partners in Health & Wellbeing and across Campus Life to implement:

  • A common agenda: shared understanding of the problem/s and a vision for change;
  • Shared measurement: data collection, measuring results, and shared accountability;
  • Mutually reinforcing activities: differentiated approaches and coordination through a joint plan of action;
  • Continuous communication: consistent, transparent, and open communication focused on building trust;
  • Backbone support: a unit primarily dedicated to the convening and coordinating of separate departments, staff, resources, and skills.