More More! Move Often!

The Move More! Move Often! program will not run in Spring 2023. Please contact our office if you have questions.

Move More! Move Often!

Did you know that increased exercise and movement improves mood, creates better sleep, and reduces stress and risk for chronic disease? Are you ready to increase your physical wellbeing?  Are you looking for a supportive community to keep you accountable?

The perfect opportunity!

Move More! Move Often! is a 6-week program engaging and encouraging individuals to increase their movement.  Participants monitor activity using their own activity tracker, phone, or just manually logging that time, no device required.  Throughout the 6-week challenge, participants can access incentives, receive supplemental resources and materials, and join the campus community for opportunities to get more active.

This program caters to all activity levels and all activity types!

  • 6-week program
  • Goal: increase activity toward the CDC’s recommended 150 active minutes per week OR maintaining that level if you already meet it
  • Challenges, periodic helpful tips, and opportunities on campus to be active (depending on campus status)
  • Participants will use the MyWellness App to sync their activity tracker, phone, or keep track of and manually enter their activity.

Here are some ideas for keeping active:

  • Take movement breaks often while you’re working from home.  Set an alarm every 2 hours to get up and MOVE for at least 15 minutes.
  • This can be a brisk walk around the block, jogging in place, a chair yoga routine or just a stretch break. Whatever works for you – keep moving!!
  • Here is an awesome resource for free at home online workouts that account for all ability levels and workout styles:  FitnessBlender

Join your campus partners in Moving More and Moving Often!

“I thought the walking groups were the best part of this program. They encouraged me to do more physically throughout the day and I helped me to realize how relaxing just walking can be during a stressful week.” -Student

“Having a community of folks and the university support to work on my wellbeing was probably the biggest benefit. I found the emails helpful because I learned some things  and they kept my activity in front of me” –Staff

“Thank you for making this program available to so many members of the WFU community! I’m glad to have participated” –Faculty

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this program- I look forward to participating next semester and also encouraging others to participate!” –Student