Design reading "Change makes way for opportunity"

Change & opportunity

As scary as change can sometimes seem, it really is the way to new opportunities and personal growth. What if we aim to embrace change as an agent that pushes us to be our fullest, most courageous selves? Beyond transition lie possibilities and chances we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Take a deep breath, and consider change a friend.

Lettering art with words "Don't believe everything you think"

Toxic thinking

We are the person we hear the most. Therefore, our thoughts have more power than we often consider. How are you harnessing this power to work in your favor?

Are you speaking kindly and honestly about and to yourself? Are you noticing and redirecting toxic thinking?

Being mindful of the thoughts we have can shift our lives in positive directions.


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  • Office of the Chaplain Learn to calm your mind and listen with these short virtual drop-in meditations.
Design with moon that reads "Allow yourself to say no so you're free to say yes"

Understanding boundaries

Placing healthy boundaries in our romantic, platonic, and professional relationships can feel uncomfortable and even scary. If we aren’t used to it, it can even feel mean or aggressive if we’re not used to saying “no”.

But there’s a big difference between being pushy and stating what we need. Being assertive in relationships can actually boost your confidence and self-esteem – it lets others in our lives know: “Here’s where I end and you begin.”

What boundaries can you (re)set in your life?

Design that reads "Mindset possesses power"

Mindset possesses power

Our strongest asset in life is our perspective. It may seem trite, but in fact how we look at challenges and what beliefs we continually reinforce about ourselves shape our direction and influence how we act and respond in our lives.

What stories are you telling yourself today? Is there a small shift you can make in perspective?


Design with message "Pause & listen to your body"

Movement & listening to your body

If we pause for a moment and listen to our bodies, they usually tell us exactly what they need. Nourishment, rest, movement, relaxation. Remembering to listen can take some practice, but in the long run it’ll make a big difference.


  • Campus Recreation Reserve time at the climbing wall, pool, or weight room. Search for a Group Fitness class that works for you.
  • Office of the Chaplain Learn to calm your mind and listen with these short virtual drop-in meditations.
  • Office of Wellbeing Pick one of these one hour ResilientWake skillshares to complete with your group or organization.
  • Learning Assistance Center Read about best study practices and how to take breaks while studying.
Design with message "Let's talk about loneliness"


It can seem weird to feel and talk about being lonely. Thing is, it’s an incredibly common experience.

The first step – as obvious as it may sound – is to notice how you’re feeling, and the ways in which it is impacting your thinking and how your body feels. See more tips below!


⭐ Feeling lonely does not mean you’re unloved. ⭐ There’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. ⭐ Others you know are probably feeling or have felt this way before. Reach out to people in your life.  ⭐ Consider doing something for someone else. This can significantly decrease feelings of loneliness. ⭐ Know you are not alone!

Need additional support? Reach out to us, we’re here to help! Office of the ChaplainOffice of WellbeingUniversity Counseling Center.

Design with message "Your days are your life"

Routines & schedules

It’s easy to feel like the day got away from us. Having a routine specific to your schedule and values allows you to take ownership of your time, instead of feeling like it owns you.


  • Learning Assistance Center Schedule Academic Coaching to learn more about time management, learning styles, and study skills. 
  • Office of Wellbeing Start meeting with a Wellbeing Coaching or take a ResilientWake training.
  • Campus Recreation Build movement into your schedule regularly with Group Fitness.
  • Counseling Center Have someone to talk to when coping with changes. Book a session by calling 336.758.5273 or learn more.
Design with message "Stronger with Support"

Support systems

Support systems look different for each person – but everyone does better with someone in their corner.


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