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Financial wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is essentially our ability to manage what we have in a responsible manner – both in the short term and the long.

Your Financial Wellbeing

It’s a good idea to plot your professional future as soon as possible, and the acclaimed staff of the Office of Personal and Career Development can help. Nearly 98 percent of students had secured employment or a graduate school spot within six months of graduation. That’s one of the highest in the country.

Financial wellbeing practices

  • Create a budget.
  • Mitigate your current debt.
  • Be flexible and prepared for unexpected expenses.
  • Recognize that good habits build momentum over time.
  • It may seem silly to set up a retirement account now, but even investing just a little at a young age goes a long way (yay compound interest!).

On-campus resources

Student financial resources

Tools that can help with financial wellbeing

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Financial education in a modern way.

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Free training through GreenPath.

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Financial literacy app.


Financial literacy tool