Importance of Time Management

By Ashley Berry, Campus Life Fellow

Heading into final exams and the last day of classes, it may seem like there is an overwhelming amount of studying and assignments to be done. The good news is that there is something you can do to help you feel less overwhelmed. Time management. Planning how you can best utilize your time is one of the most important things to do. It will help to ensure you have enough time to get everything done and prioritize your most important tasks. Time management is not only an important skill to have as a student, but it is also critical to have in any job. Here’s a list of ways to prepare yourself for success and make the most efficient use of your time.


1. Make a plan for your study time.

When you’re stressed about an exam and feel like you’re running out of time, it can seem like the only option is to cram the night before. Studies have shown that cramming is not a good use of time and can lead to mental blocks during your exam. Rather, studying in short increments over time is more effective. To ensure that you don’t feel like you have to cram, it is important to plan your study time in advance. Make a note of what times you will study for each subject.

2. Use a scheduling tool

Consider using a time management tool such as Google Calendar or Scoro to plan out which tasks you will do at what time. This will allow you to delegate time for everything you need to get done and also help you to ensure you start studying far in advance for your exams. 

3. Prioritize tasks

Prioritize time-sensitive tasks to make sure you complete them in time. It can be easy to put off a daunting task, so consider putting it on a priority list to ensure it gets done.

4. Take breaks

It is not sustainable to expect yourself to be working all day, every day. Build some time to rest in your day so that you can recharge. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

5. Set a time limit for your tasks

Giving yourself  a deadline or time frame to complete something will prevent procrastination and help you to delegate the appropriate amount of time to each task.


For more information and support on time management or to find an academic coach, go to the Learning Assistance Center & Disabilities Services website at .